Creative Ways To Save Money

Most young people live on a pay check to pay check basis with no money for themselves at the end of the month and so much so that they struggle financially through the last few days of the month until their next pay check. This said however, when you go out shopping for your groceries, you might not think twice about adding a five dollar chocolate bar or a ten dollar bottle of juice to a bill that would otherwise be two to three hundred dollars. Every little impulse and extra purchase is what adds up to make you broke at the end of the month. The sad truth is that most of these small and minor purchases are things that are not good for your health and therefore, not only are you spending money but you are spending it on things that are making you sick.

Reasons to save money

The truth is, you can never predict when you might get pregnant or when you might need to get sudden colonoscopy that allows to check the internal. Brisbane numbers show that more and more young people are needing serious surgeries like this because of the lifestyles they lead and the food that they eat.

It is vital that you always have a little money in your bank account in case you have a sudden need to see a gynecologist, a specialist or even a seeking help from professional like a disease bowel. Brisbane hospitals and medical care can be very expensive, even for the most simplest of procedures which is why it is vital that you always have money in hand.

Save up your coins

We humans have a tendency to think only of the big money we have but not to think twice about the coins and the small money that we have. In fact, we are very unlikely to notice the expenditure of a few coins on a daily basis and therefore, it would be a good idea for you to try and save up your coins in a till every day when you come back from work. You will not even notice the loss but at the end of the month, you would have saved up quite a bit of coins that you can then put in to your account as a savings for an emergency.

Ditch the credit card

One of the most unnecessary things we spend on a daily basis is credit card interest. We use credit cards but then run out of money to pay our bills after which we end up spending excessive amounts of money on interest to the bank without even noticing the excess we are paying every month.