Disadvantages Of Becoming A Physical Therapist

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Almost everybody has had some form of physical therapy during their lifetime. It could be for a sprain that got bad or for a slipped disc or maybe even to recover from a bad accident. Physical therapists are qualified medical professionals that work together with patients that come from all walks of life to diagnose and treat correctly, a broad spectrum of conditions that can stop people from carrying out their daily activities on a normal level. It is a very rewarding a fulfilling career to enjoy but it can also have several major challenges. Here are some of the biggest issues that you would come across if you were to take up a career as a physical therapist. Go here http://www.cityhealthmelbourne.com.au/ivf-acupuncture-for-fertility/  for more information about acupuncture for fertility. 

You need to pursue advanced education

Becoming a physical therapist or a Melbourne CBD chiropractor is not something that you can do just as you pass out of college. It will take you at least six years of intensive higher education in order to start practicing as one. You will need to qualify through your Master’s degree and then also sit for another written exam that will decide if you can be qualified in the profession. This means that you will have to invest a lot of time as well as money to get fully qualified as a professional. You will also have to get into volunteer work in order to earn the credits you need as well as get the experience that is mandatory. In most countries and states, the profession needs to be a process of continuous education if your license is to remain valid.

It can get physically demanding

The job you have is more than just a remedial massage or two. Often, it consists of helping patients who are severely debilitated to regain their posture, balance and at least a moderate range of mobility. In order for this to happen, you, as the physical therapist will need to support their weight for them, remain standing up for long periods of time and be able to manipulate muscles and joints for the patient. This can get really demanding physically, because you need to remain strong and agile all of the time.

You will have to put in long working hours

Like the majority of other professions out there, physical therapy can also need long hours of working. Most often, physical therapists have to spend long hours away from home and their loved ones. This is something that is incredibly hard to do if the support of your family is not fully behind you. You will have to work according to the schedules of the patients and not you for the most part.