Procedure Of Teeth Bleaching

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Tooth whitening is the procedure of lightening the color of the teeth by maintaining the tooth surface. Tooth bleaching or whitening is very common in cosmetic dentistry in Gold Coast. It generally means restoring natural teeth color.

There are different methods of whitening and some of the most commonly used methods are brushing, applying bleaching gel, pen, bleaching strips, and bleaching and laser bleaching. In the bleaching method carbomide peroxide, which removes stains in tooth, is used. Ancient Romans also used urine and goat milk to keep their teeth white.

One of the most popular methods of teeth whitening is laser teeth whitening in Gold Coast. This is an advanced system and useful for dental treatment. In this procedure laser is used to make teeth whiter and patients are accepting this day by day. Stains and discoloration are removed in this method. This method can make teeth whiter in just one sitting.

As a man grows up, teeth become darker due to mineral structure in teeth, deficiency of phosphate, food-goods and bacterial pigments. Coffee, tea, red wine and sports drinks can discolor teeth. The other causes can be genetics, tetracycline, fluorosis, tobacco, chlorhexidine and age of tooth.

For laser teeth whitening, generally two types of laser machines are used: Hard tissue laser and soft tissue laser. There are enormous advantages of laser treatment, those are:

Dental drills are not needed in laser treatment. So, dental drill is eliminated.

Laser stops bleeding gum without surgery.

Laser also makes possible painless root canal treatment.

Cosmetic and facial treatments have become possible for laser.

Laser does not require high dose of local anesthesia. It requires minimum anesthesia.

Teeth whitening can be done in one sitting by laser.

Tooth bleaching can be done at home by using toothpastes, gels, rinses, chewing gums and others. Malic Acid can help to make teeth whiter. Apples, celery and carrots also help in whitening. But there are some risks involved in teeth bleaching or whitening:

Gel bleaching may cause chemical burns in teeth.

There may lay a risk of hot/cold sensitivity.

Over bleaching may happen from teeth bleaching.

Home teeth bleaching may have negative effect on tooth enamel.

Sensitive teeth may have been pained.

Some physical agents as well as chemicals are used to make teeth whiter. Toothpastes also have silica, aluminum oxide, calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. Sodium perborate is also an essential element for teeth whitening. The whitening may stay up to three years. But this procedure is not suitable for any duplicate tooth. The cost of laser whitening is higher than other methods.