Reasons And The Solution For The Discolouration Of Pearly Whites

Our pearly whites are one of the most beautiful and precious assets we have. They allow us to add a lot of beauty to our appearance. They let us smile. We all know a smile can make anyone beautiful. However, there are certain conditions which can make us reluctant to smile. One of them is having discoloured pearly whites.

In this modern age, if you go to the right dentist you will get all the solutions you need to solve the problem of discolouration of your pearly whites. If you are to find a lasting solution for this problem you should know how it is created and the different solutions you can use for the problem.

Reasons for the Discolouration of Pearly Whites
Discolouration of pearly whites is not something which happens overnight. Usually, this takes time. The main reasons behind the problem are smoking as well as drinking beverages with dark colours such as coffee or red wine. If you take coffee or red wine they have a tendency to stain your pearly whites. Therefore, over time your pearly whites will lose their normal shine and become discoloured. There are also certain medicines such as antibiotics which can turn your pearly whites grey.Now that you know what makes your pearly whites lose their beautiful colour, it is time to know about the solutions for the problem.

Solutions for the Discolouration of Pearly Whites
The process used to solve the problems of the discolouration of pearly whites is known as teeth whitening in Port Melbourne. This process is offered in two different ways. In the first way, you get to go through the process at the oral health care facility. The whole changing colour process is handled by an experienced doctor. The session will last for about an hour. The second way of changing the pearly whites colour back to original shining colour is doing this at home. You will be given a gel and trays to wear for your pearly whites. These trays are made to fit your pearly white rows in the right manner. You put the gel into the tray and wear them on your pearly whites. Usually, wearing them overnight and applying the gel for about twenty times is going to give the expected result. This takes time to show results than the other method.

Once you do get your pearly whites to their previous glorious status and colour you should remember to not get your pearly whites stained again. Always follow the advices given to you by your doctor.